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Repair Services


With over 30 years of experience in the field of electronic engineering, a dedicated and skilled workforce, along with rigorously managed repair processes that meet all modern technological standards, Huetronics is the leading provider of Electronic Equipment – Technology repair services nationwide, trusted by customers both within and outside the province.

The repair services for Electronic Equipment – Technology at Huetronics offer peace of mind to customers by swiftly addressing any device malfunctions, while also providing genuine replacement electronic components with clear origins and manufacturer authorization.


Panel Repair Service

Huetronics currently provides panel repair services for TV and notebook devices with the capability to handle over 5000 panels per month (including 2K, 4K, 8K screens, up to 100 inches in size).

Common panel issues addressed by the Huetronics team include: white screen, abnormal display, vertical or horizontal lines, and black spots.

The panel repair process includes:

  • Replacement of the polarizing film
  • Replacement of the Drive IC control unit (H/V line or block) – COF/TAB Bonding
  • Repair of LED backlight
  • Repair of PCB
  • Technical fault repairs

The panel/PCB repair services at Huetronics provide peace of mind to customers by swiftly addressing any panel/PCB malfunctions, while also offering genuine replacement electronic components with clear origins and manufacturer authorization.

panel 17

The panel repair process is carried out professionally with a systematic technical approach:

  • Equipped with anti-static ion fan devices (ESD Control).
  • Clean room meeting technical repair standards.
  • Aging room (temperature adjustable) to support device testing with appropriate temperature settings.
  • TAB bonding machine (model TAB800).
  • POL separating machine (model PO900).
  • POL bonding machine (model PL800).

In particular, the clean room meets technical standards tailored to each panel repair process: The repair area meets class 100,000 standards, the Panel Assembly clean room meets class 10,000 standards, and the POL replacement clean room meets class 1,000 standards.

The panel repair process is rigorously quality-controlled through product testing using advanced technology equipment:

  • The CA310 display color analyzer supports highly accurate measurements of LCD screens with LED backlighting.
  • Sony Camera Link performs De-mura testing for 4K TVs.

Finally, the product will undergo thorough inspection using the high-power X500 microscope with 1um accuracy before being returned to the user.


PCB Repair Service

Huetronics’ PCB repair service specializes in repairing motherboards of Personal Computers (PCs), Power Supply Units (PSUs), and notebooks.

Sửa chữa PCB


The specialized warehouse system is equipped with dehumidifiers and air conditioning

Strictly adhere to the standards for storing electronic devices and components at a temperature of 19°C-25°C and humidity of 50%-60%

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Trang bị hệ thống kệ, xe nâng điện chuyên dụng.

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Design - Manufacturing - Service

ERP System

Repair Service Process


repair Process 1@2x


repair Process 2@2x

Machinery - EquipmentS

PSU Testing/Repair Machinery

Testing Machine-01-01

Testing machinery

Testing Machine-01-02

Welding system

Panel Repair Machinery


POL Separating Machine
Productivity: 15 minutes/ product


POL Finishing Machine
Productivity: 10 minutes/ product

Picture48 1

COF Repair Machine

images (1)

Testing Machine


X500 Microscope


Repair Capacity

Repairing LCD panels up to 100 inches in size

Scope of Work

  • Replacing polarizing filters
  • Exchanging control ICs (H/V line or block) – COF/TAB bonding
  • Repairing LED backlight
  • Repairing PCB
  • Repairing mechanical faults

Repair Capacity

  • 4,000 panels per month (2K, 4K, 8K models) (expandable)
  • 1,000 PCBs per month (expandable)

Cleanroom Specifications

  • Repair Area: Class 100,000
  • Cleanroom (Panel Assembly): Class 100,000
  • Cleanroom (POL Replacement): Class 100,000

Human Resources


Repair Policy

We commit to quality repairs and clean packaging before delivery.

  • Control panel warranty: 1 to 3 months
  • PSU warranty: 3 to 6 months
  • Other products and services will have reasonable warranty policies

For the second product returned during the warranty period and any faults caused by HTR materials, HTR will provide free repairs for customers.


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